The Crew


Facio - Composer

Facio is a musical globetrotter. As a composer, guitarist and singer-songwriter he feels at home in many musical genres. Besides recording under the pseudonym Facio, the Germany-born musician with Italian roots is also successfully composing music for films and advertisements. He was engaged by the Charles Dickens museum in London to compose the music for their theatre performance "Dickens goes astray". He also wrote the score for the film "You look stunning too" which was in the competitive choice of the film Festival in Cannes 2013.


Bogdan Kramliczek - Director of Photography

Has been working as a freelance photographer for numerous enterprises, magazines and agencies since the nineties. In 2010, he began to work short film projects as a camera operator. Since 2013, he has been a field producer at the Bavarian broadcasting company, Bayerischer Rundfunk. He teaches workshops on image processing and editing at the college for music and theatre in Munich. He continues to work as a freelance photographer.


Tilman Schulz - Editor

Since his graduation seven years ago, Tilman Schulz has been working as an editor for numerous TV formats. While he enjoys working on entertainment and docutainment formats, he is particularly fond of editing footage of cars. Over the past years, Tilman has moved toward editing narratives. He has cut short and medium length films. His most recent film „Fremde Nähe“ was part of the official festival program at the international Hofer Filmtage in 2015.

Conny Haas - Line Producer

Conny Haas is a born talent when it comes to organization! With her kind way she executes every task in no time. Precise and exact. She usually works in the IT and in the financial sector as a controller and Contentmanager. Though “Why Siegfried Teitelbaum had to die“ was her first film project as a line producer, Conny was the heart and the back bone of the production. Just as if she has had done nothing else in her life as being a line producer.



Complete Crew List

Writer & Director:

Axel B. Steinmueller


Britta Kleineheer

Assistant Director:

Helge Navrota


Stefanie Ulrich


Johannes Dreibach

Musik Score:


Theme-Song "Mr.Supertschunk":

The Blau


Agnes Burger

Maja Nedljkow


Julia Ebert

Sabrina Reuschel

Director of Photography:

Bogdan Kramliczek

2.nd Unit Camera:

Stefan Herx

Max Hofstätter

Assistant Camera:

Oliver Pauli

Amina Meier-Faust

Production Sound Mixer:

Dominik Klatte


Lazslo Bacs

Foley Recordist:

Matthias Lindner

Paolo Mariangeli

Re-recording Mixer:

Paolo Mariangeli


Tilman Schulz

Visual Effects:

Tilman Schulz

Matthias Bernhard

Color Grading:

Nikals Feiten

D-Facto Motion GmbH

Making Of:

Robert Lex

Ken Friedel


Matthias Heyde


Alexander Finn

Subtitles Engl.:

von Brunn Media

Subtitles French:

Lisa Wolf


Armin Moritz

Best Boys:

Johannes Kraller

Jonas Fartaczekr

Max J. Gebbert

Marion Savoy

Best Boys Assistant:

Andrea Zilly

Julian Bubeck


Matthias Schendel


Siegfried Polap

Michael Braun

Wolfram Huber

Still Photography:

Arndt Müller

Marco Opitz

Chris Eberhardt

Carmen Palma

Simone Naumann

Bernd Zube


Joscha Arnold (Sax.)

Martin Lehmann (Trpt.)

Norbert Salih (Trbn.)


Matthias Heyde

Production Manager :

Tobias Zarschizky

Assistants Prod. Manager:

Thomas Makowski

Max Malterer

Benjamin Knopf

Technical Advicer:

Harald Krämer

Executive Producer:

Axel B. Steinmueller


Axel B. Steinmueller

Bogdan Kramliczek

Harald Krämer

Line Producer:

Conny Haas Producer:

Benedikt Lell


Arndt Müller

Alfons Ulrich

Horst Gönert

Massimo Mele

Benjamin Knopf


Luigi al Mercato