...Deception, Betrayel and Masquarde...

Why Siegfried Teitelbaum had to die, is a well-kept secret. It is questionable whether Siegfried Teitelbaum even ever existed. But everybody believes in the Teitelbaum case. Most of all the governmental agencies do. They did circulate various, contradicting stories regarding Teitelbaum. Stefán, a talented contract killer contracted by a confidential government organisation may be able to some shed light into the darkness. But Stefán had been in a coma after surviving a shot to the head. Now recovered he is questioned by interrogation specialist Dante. Stefáns recollections seem fuzzy.
He reports, he has been ordered by his boss, Lady von Prittwitz Schmidt, a wheelchair-bound, grand-lady of business intelligence, to finally hunt down long sought super gangster Siegfried Teitelbaum.

However, Stefán is soon to learn that this job is more difficult than initially expected. First he is bothered by an annoying competitor and then the strange Mr. X still crosses his way. He further has to deal with Tracy, the boss’s assistant, who is not only rather uptight but also hard to figure out.

While Stefán is further on the more and more absurd becoming hunt for Teitelbaum, his clueless wife Samantha is confronted with the consequences of his actions and gets involved in her very own adventure. Samantha finds help to solve her very own, almost unsolvable problem in her new friend Toni, a clever and brash supermarket cashier. Stefán´s story can not but seem unlikely and unbelievable.

Is it possible that Stefán himself might be Teitelbaum or a member of his gang? Everything remains ambiguous, in this game of deception, betrayal and masquerade.


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